Are you sure you are eating the optimal amount of food?

1st of June 2019Eric Snaell

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An energy drink or a fruit before training?

12th of May 2019Eric Snaell

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Using a wooden box to coach Olympic Lifts

26th of March 2019Explosive Mode

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Does Sunlight Improve Sport Performance?

26th of August 2018Explosive Mode

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Interview with Stephanie Legrand

20th of May 2018Explosive Mode

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Training Session with Bob Bertemes 19th of November

22nd of October 2017Explosive Mode

A Drill For A More Natural Block Start - presented by Eric Snaell the Fit Businessman for Read More

The Falling Start Drill for A More Natural Block Start

11th of October 2017Explosive Mode

A Drill For A More Natural Block Start - presented by Eric Snaell the Fit Businessman for Read More

Cut The Bulking: The Untold Consequences of An Exaggerated Calorie Increase

1st of October 2017Explosive Mode

The only long lasting effect from bulking and cutting is a thoroughly stretched skin - presented by Eric Snaell the Fit Businessman for Read More

Joint Positioning for Pushing More Weight

10th of September 2017Explosive Mode

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The Death of Bad Workouts

31st of August 2017Explosive Mode

unmotivated to train? Here's how to fix it. Read More

Training Maximum Sprint Speed

26th of December 2016Explosive Mode

Developing top end speed in sprinters Read More

Speed Day During Off-Season

1st of November 2016Explosive Mode

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Training with JumpSoles (Platform Shoes)

4th of April 2016Explosive Mode

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Betaine as a Sport Supplement

18th of March 2016Explosive Mode

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Machine Free Leg Training

9th of February 2016Explosive Mode

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The Triple Training Day Experiment

30th of January 2016Eric Snaell

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Back Kick With Resistance Band

9th of January 2016Explosive Mode

Get your glutes to fire up before training Read More

Classic jump squat to improve vertical jump and speed

19th of December 2015Explosive Mode

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Kettlebell swings with band resistance to increase vertical jump without taxing the knees

5th of December 2015Explosive Mode

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TRX Suspension Training @ Muscle Beach Dubai

15th of November 2015Explosive Mode

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Deadlift | Med Ball

15th of October 2015Explosive Mode

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Brake Before Your Break

4th of October 2015Explosive Mode

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Get Your Chips Regardless of Sponsorships

10th of September 2015The Fit Businessman

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Energy Drink + Black Tea

14th of August 2015Explosive Mode

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Eccentric Overload: Part 2

20th of July 2015Explosive Mode

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Sprinting vs Running: Part II (video)

8th of July 2015 Explosive Mode

Master this drill and you will improve your sprint times.

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Eccentric Overload: Part 1

1st of July 2015Explosive Mode

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Signs With An Attitude

21st of June 2015Eric Snaell

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Upper Body Plyometrics (Medicine Ball training part 3)

15th of June 2015Explosive Mode

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My Road to the World Championships (vlog)

1st of June 2015Eric Snaell

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Labels on Sport Supplements...

23rd of May 2015Explosive Mode

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Medicine Ball Training Part II

13th of May 2015Eric Snaell

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Something New

5th of May 2015Eric Snaell

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Hill Training

27th of April 2015Explosive Mode

Uphill Sprints Indoor with Spikes Read More

Interview with Softball Superstar Monica Abbott

11th of April 2015Explosive Mode

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Definition of Explosive Mode

5th of April 2015Explosive Mode

Training the Weakest Link to Improve Total Performance and Avoid Injury Read More

Find your Weakness and Improve It

23th of March 2015Explosive Mode

Training the Weakest Link to Improve Total Performance and Avoid Injury Read More

Medicine Ball Training: Only for Pro's and eh.. Kids?

10th of March 2015Explosive Mode

Medicine ball training for muscle growth, speed and functional strength Read More

Keep your testosterone levels elevated without supplements

28th of February 2015Explosive Mode

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The personalized Outdoor Edition is available now. Train together with Eric Snaell to get the most of the Outdoor Edition video guide.

20th of February 2015Explosive Mode

The personalized Outdoor Edition is available now. Train together with Eric Snaell to get the most of the Outdoor Edition video guide. Read More

Excellent warm-up exercise: The Overhead Squat

10th of February 2015Eric Snaell

Why we use overhead squat when we warm up Read More

Should you use a spotter?

1st of February 2015Eric Snaell

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Interview with Gymnast Sam Oldham

20th of January 2015Explosive Mode

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Manage your prize money properly: Stacking Dividends part II - Alternative Costs

14th of January 2015Eric Snaell

Eric Snaell The Fit Businessman - Alternative Costs Read More

Interview with Bobsled Olympian Jazmine Fenlator

7th of January 2015Explosive Mode

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Repeated Low Volume Pull-Ups for Strength Endurance

1st of January 2015Eric Snaell

Increase strength by using short 10 second breaks within your sets.

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MUSCULAR DEVELOPMENT Recommends Explosive Training

21st of December 2014 Explosive Mode

The most recent issue of Muscular Development magazine highlights the benefits for explosive training for hardcore bodybuilders.

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The Effortless Optimal Performance

16th of December 2014 Eric Snaell

Shifting from maximum effort to effective and relaxed performance can be taught.

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Interview with Marlen Esparza

4th of December 2014 Explosive Mode

Flyweight World Champion Marlen Esparza

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Interview with Natasha Jonas

21st of November 2014 Explosive Mode

Get in the ring with UK's Olympian Natasha Jonas

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Of Course An Athlete Can Eat Candy

7th of November 2014 Eric Snaell

Don't be afraid to consume fat free candy - as long as you time it right.

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Another Fit Businessman Tip

5th of October 2014 Eric Snaell

One Stretch And You're Ready To Go!

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Runner's Haven in Vienna

16th of September 2014 Eric Snaell

Get your spikes at Tony's Laufshop

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Compression Clothing (video)

4th of September 2014 Explosive Mode

Considering buying apparel from 2XU or Skins?

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15th of August 2014 Eric Snaell the Fit Businessman

virtual money, bank transfers and credit cards are blurring out the true value of cash.

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Sprinting vs Running

3rd of August 2014 Eric Snaell

Sprinting is not simply regular running with a faster frequency. There's more to it.

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Hanging Leg Raises

27th of July 2014 Eric Snaell

I usually don't bother training abs separately. But when I do, I usually perform hanging leg raises.

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Why Everyone Should Compete

20th of July 2014 Eric Snaell

A wedding day photo or a health warning from a doctor will give most people a reason to stay in shape. Competitions are perhaps not substitutes for these life-changing events, but they are a part of the motivational tricks that you can artificially construct.

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Creative Coaching

14th of July 2014 Eric Snaell

Especially at an older age, when sport activity is not linked to the possibility of a handsomely paid profession, it is important to find attributes that ensures that training itself remains fresh and interesting. Regardless if it's a supportive or abusive coach, the content of the session has to be captivating.

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6th of July 2014 Explosive Mode

Looking for a new placebo for your GPP?

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Paper Lake - Episode 2

1st of July 2014 Eric Snaell

Check out the new episode.

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Soft Soles for Hard Training

23rd of June 2014 Eric Snaell

The fastest times are run on hard tracks. But banging your poor feet against a hard surface on every training session might limit your training frequency.

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Holiday Heat

16th of June 2014 Eric Snaell

It's always a challenge to avoid messing up all the health disciplines during holidays. Skipping training is not that serious, but pigging out on food can be. Case in point: my trip to Greece last week.

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Stacking Dividends

8th of June 2014 Eric Snaell

Every company has a life cycle. You can invest in a start-up and wait until the company eventually, and inevitably, goes out of business. If the company's life cycle is shorter than yours, you will end up broke. Unless, there's a regular dividend.

Read More

Double Training

1st of June 2014 Eric Snaell

I slept 10 hours last night and I've been half asleep all day today. My body is completely worn out from training twice a day the last three days. I guess I've arrived at my limit. But there's something amazing in training multiple times within one day.

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The New Hoodie is Now Available.

26th of May 2014 Explosive Mode

When we're talking about the latest gear for speed and strength athletes, we're not talking about anabolic steroids nor doping. We're talking about the newest hoodie from Explosive Mode.

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Interview with Mestre Jo

17th of May 2014 Explosive Mode

This week we get a glimpse of the Brazilian dance turned martial art called Capoeira. Just like in break dance battles, you don't kick to kill nor hit to hurt. Instead you impress the crowd with creative and reactive moves. And what better way to introduce Capoeira than an interview with one of the world's greatest Capoeiristas.

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#1 advice for getting shredded

10th of May 2014 Eric Snaell

There are two foods and two exercises that I generally recommend to everyone that asks me about building muscle and burning fat. I'm positive that you will see results just by adding these to your weekly routines.

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Paper Lake

5th of May 2014 Eric Snaell

Can you laugh at yourself? We can. Check out the first episode of Paper Lake that aired today.

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Oksana Grishina

26th of April 2014 Explosive Mode

Looking for motivation? Then look no further. This week we are featuring the 2014 Arnold Fitness champion Oksana Grishina. Not only does she look the part, she plays the part as well.

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Front Squat Mobility

19th of April 2014 Eric Snaell

Anyone can learn to perform front squats effortlessly. Usually it's just a question of mobility and range of motion. In this new video you will see three stretches that will help us keep our elbows high and allow us to go all the way down in the squat position. At the end you will also see an alternative to loading more weights on the bar.

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Office Snacks

12th of April 2014 Eric Snaell

It's not hard to tell that Easter is around the corner. Chocolate eggs are piling up on the desks at the office. Even that health conscious mum at work thought it was in everyone's interest to confiscate her kid's stash and dump it on her fellow co-workers. Yummy. Not a single Kinder egg escapes the 4 o'clock cravings. The only way not to fall for it, is to ensure that you are not hungry in the afternoon. So this week will look at two antidotes that you can keep in your desk drawer.

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FIBO 2014

3rd of April 2014 Eric Snaell

For the first time in history, the German FIBO expo has been sold out for the whole weekend. The expo is luckily open for business owners as well on Thursday and Friday. So we did a day trip today (Thursday).

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Feeling Financially Lucky?

1st of April 2014 Eric Snaell

When we look at nutrition from a sport perspective, we usually start by controlling the macros. I suggest the same procedure when looking at investments in financial instruments.

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Cheat Yourself To A Cheat Meal

24th of March 2014 Eric Snaell

One of the most common weight-loss mistakes is to cut your calories for consecutive weeks. The body will adapt to almost anything and will start using it's resources sparingly. To keep the engine running on all cylinders, it's good to bump up the calories once in a while. This theory brings on the widely spread belief that it would be beneficial to have a so called cheat meal. But already by calling it a cheat meal, your nose picks up the sweet scent of sugar and fat.

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How To Time Your 40 Yard Dash Yourself

17th of March 2014 Eric Snaell

How can you time your 40 yard dash yourself? How can you time your block start yourself? In this video I'm trying out one alternative.

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Personal Training?

9th of March 2014 Eric Snaell

You can walk into any commercial gym and find a personal trainer that can help you reach your fitness goals with the equipment in the gym. But what if you'd prefer to train outdoors? There is no personal trainer waiting for you to sign up in the woods. And what exactly should you do on a running track? Run in circles?

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Horse Power in the Hamstrings

4th of March 2014 Eric Snaell

The front legs of a galopping horse claws the ground with every stride. It's not a bicycle motion. It's not a skipping motion. It's a sprinting motion powered by the hamstrings. In order to achieve the similar effect when running on track, we need to feel the hamstrings work. I've found the best way to achieve this is to have slightly sore hamstrings.

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A Break From Sport Specific Training

23rd of February 2014 Eric Snaell

I've managed to drag myself outdoors surprisingly often this snowless February. Most of the month I've been taking a break from all goal oriented training and simply trained freely. It's off-season or so called winter training at its finest. This also means doing exercises in the gym that I enjoy doing, even if they wouldn't be too useful.

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Wireless Headphones for Explosive Sports

16th of February 2014 Eric Snaell

The use of self-selected music has been proven to improve athletic performance, so of course result orientated athletes wear headphones. Sometimes it's to unleash the inner beast, sometimes it's to stay focused. And sometimes it's just to apprendre une nouvelle langue. But wearing extra wiring couldn't be more inconvenient in explosive sports, where a rapid hand movement can at any given moment sling-shot an Ipod out in the blue.

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The trailer for the new DVD

9th of February 2014 Eric Snaell

The Fit Businessman series continues with the Outdoor Edition DVD. Check out the new trailer here

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Investing in a Bear Market

2nd of February 2014 Eric Snaell

Most people watch the news everyday and get a daily dose of worldwide misery. Perhaps this makes everyone feel well informed and smart. Now, let's say that you are an avid follower of the news and you are convinced that a certain country's economy is going down the drain. Why not put some money where your thought is? Ok. well, how are you going to go about doing that?

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Tapering for competition, looks or motivation

26th of January 2014 Eric Snaell

In the Fit Businessman Outdoor Edition Movie we discuss the importance of periodization for long-term motivation and peak performance. There's a lot of theories and some studies regarding the final tapering for a competition. Everybody wants to know how they can allow their body to peak on d-day.

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Today's Training Session

21st of January 2014 Eric Snaell

I had exceptionally time this morning to put in an early outdoor session combined with a quick stint in the gym. We started off at 9 am skipping and jogging about four laps with my friend. The temperature was around 6 degrees celsius and the track was still quite slippery. Here's what we did.

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The Back-Up Meal

13th of January 2014 Eric Snaell

It happened again. I failed to plan ahead and my fridge is almost empty. It's late. I know I would need to fuel my body but I really don't have the energy nor the ingredients to whip something up. This happens quite often, so I solve this re-occuring problem with something I like to call a Back-Up meal.

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Investing in Change

5th of January 2014 Eric Snaell

Latvia just changed their currency to Euro. It was an expected move and we have seen what the introduction of the Euro did for 13 other countries already. Most people think of the long term effects and the situation today in Europe. But if you look at the short term effects, there is something very intersting that happened in all the stock markets.

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Shift Gears for New Year's

30th of December 2013 Eric Snaell

So how did the caffeine free holiday go? Interestingly, I felt drowsy for the first five days despite sleeping longer than usual. But to be sure of the effects, I really need to do another trial during a regular work week next year.

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Laying off caffeine for the holidays

15th of December 2013 Eric Snaell

It's time to deal with the unhealthy holiday foods. I've decided to deviate from my usual holiday exceptions, where I allow myself to eat whatever (as it's, literally, holidays for Christ's sake). But I need more than a strong will to convince myself not to go overboard with delicious goodies. So I trick myself to focus on something else that will give me indirectly the same result. It's sort of similar to booking a dentist appointment to cut down your sugar consumption. This time I'm focusing on laying off caffeine for the duration of the holidays.

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The Wait Is Over

4th of December 2013 Eric Snaell

The new website is finally online. By February we'll have most of the main components installed. Just sign up for our newsletter and we'll keep you updated.

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